2018 took Nexus Accounting by STORM! While I haven’t had enough time or energy to seek out why, my firm experienced tremendous growth during the past twelve months and it sorta left me dizzy. Admittedly, I was not prepared for it and I stumbled……more than once. Now that I’ve reached the end of this year, I’m finally (but barely) finding the time to catch my breath. Just in time to gear up for the NEXT tax season. Such is life, I guess.

Since finding clients isn’t something I need help with right now (yes, still growing), I decided to take my 2019 marketing campaign in a different direction. Presenting….

My Connection. Their Story. The Faces Behind a One-Woman Business.

In my five years as Nexus Accounting, I have met countless people: clients, colleagues, referral partners, vendors, friends, etc. Literally, so many people! Many of these people have stories which have impacted my life, my attitude, my outlook. I want to share a few of these stories with you. 

Each month, I will post a blog, here on my website, telling one of these stories. These stories are not about taxes or accounting (though there may be a couple of stories which provide a good segue to tax topics). These stories are about people’s lives: the challenges they’ve faced, the successes they’ve celebrated and everything in between. 

I’m loving this new campaign for so many reasons. It forces me to take the time to really re-connect with people and actually talk about life. Life is not taxes or financial statements; life is relationships and emotion. In a business like mine, it’s easy to forget that there are real people with real emotions behind all of those numbers. I figure if y’all need tax advice, you’ll call, so let’s talk about life. My favorite part is that I’ve implored my daughter, Lexi, to create and lead this campaign, which she eagerly accepted; I’m excited to work with her and watch her grow.

We have already conducted the interview of the January highlight and I teared up at least four times during the almost 2-hour chat!