Tammy, Mark, Mat, Chris, Caylie, Lindsey, Chelsey, Tristen, Kevin the Cat, Chloe (cat), Star (pup) and Ella (pup). The names listed are each a part of a beautiful family, held together by a strong woman that I had the privilege of sitting down with in an open conversation. Tammy Waterman is a wife, mother, realtor and consistent member of the Gardner community. Her accomplishments don’t end with her, as each of her kids are talented and leading impressive paths of their own.


Mark and Tammy met by, what could really be described as, fate. Their paths were close to crossing when they were in high school, but that wasn’t when the stars aligned for them. When reconnected in 1994, they became good friends for a long time, but Tammy says they were “obviously meant to be”. They were married in 2000.

Tammy’s dedication to her family, and her emotional limits, were tested a few years back. Tammy was housing 2 of her nieces, had a sick child, and was just starting a new job.  Mark had been found with a tumor on his spine, resulting in temporary paralysis and a state of utter confusion with many doctors and family members.

The Watermans decided there was room in their hearts and home for 3 children in addition to Mat, Christopher and Caylie. Lindsay and Chelsey are Tammy’s nieces, who came to live with them in 2011. Tristen was a surprise, and the most recent addition to the Waterman household. Tristen is Chelsey and Lindsey’s half bother, and now they have the privilege of all being part of the same family. Mark is, and has always been, very close to all six of the kids and Tammy claims there was “no hesitation” on his part when the situation presented itself.

The unity of the Waterman house was tested once again after the girls had moved in; losing space and attention throughout the house was overwhelming. They had a lot going on and it definitely “wasn’t always pretty”, but their personalities persevered and the family is prospering. Tammy is able to continuously be there for her family and friends. She loves all of her kids endlessly and is very proud of them.

Tammy and Mark have proven themselves to be some of the most kind-hearted people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Tammy is a dedicated real estate agent, diligently pursuing the optimal deal for each of her clients. She is a mother, who understands what it means to be a mother…and then does more. She is a devoted, loving wife. How she holds it together during and after the proverbial bumps in the road is a mystery.

You now know more about someone that makes an impact in the community and family she’s in. This is the first of many posts to come for this “My Connection. Their Story. The Faces Behind a One-Woman Business.” marketing campaign. The line-up for 2019 is made up of some amazing people my life and  career have given me the opportunity to discover  and befriend.